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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Keeping it Real

In April we went $160 over our "eating out" budget.
Our budget was only $100.




  1. Okay, so I read your blog entry about an hour ago and I was thinking about it. First, you have recognized it and now you need to figure out what happened to make you over. It happens to all of us, so don't beat yourself up about it, just find out where you went off track so that you can stay on track now. There are times when it is impossible to stay within budget, What if there was a family emergency and you had to use funds not allowed... (or do you budget for that?)

    This reminds me of when we sin and how we can get back on track with forgiveness, but if we don't figure out where we went off, it will happen over and over again. The Lord knows all about this and it won't be the last (don't we all wish it could be that way) Use this to learn and it will be a blessing later on in life. (married 39 years and counting and yes, we were off budget at times, too)

  2. Been there done that. And in other categories too, not just eating out. I know you are Dave Ramsey fans (as are we), so when we realized those categories where we had a tendency to go over we switched to cash. We only use cash for 2 categories, but it has kept us from spending more than we have to spend on those things since once it's gone it's gone. I figure you probably do this, but maybe not on eating out?

  3. SO glad we're not the only ones:}


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