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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

6 weeks, 6 pounds

I think you'll find this funny.

B Daddy and I have been working with the same group of middle schoolers at Buckhead Church for three years now. We each started leading a small group (me - girls, him - boys) when these students were in 6th grade and now they are about to head off to high school.

For some insane reason we both feel like God is calling us to continue to lead these groups of students into their high school years. (We led a group of 8th graders 4 years ago as well and chose not to move up to high school with them.) It really is an amazing thing to become a part of a student's life in a role that is somewhere between peer and parent. I love it.

Here's the funny part. Every year the high schoolers at our church take a trip to the beach over the summer. Panama City Beach to be precise. B Daddy and I have mostly been concerned with finding grandparents to watch our kids and (B Daddy) getting the time off of work to go.

And then we went and observed the high school ministry one evening. You see, we were both under the impression that we would be taking a group of 14 and 15 year olds to the beach. Awkward, developing, scrawny and gangly kiddos.

But apparently some high schoolers these days are 17 and 18. Who knew!? No longer awkward. Not really so scrawny. Yes it is a very different thing to be going the beach with a bunch of tan, highlighted and toned 18 year olds.

Not that looking good in a swim suit is what this trip is in any way about...although I am extremely grateful for the one-piece suit policy the girls have to abide by...but still. To be 6 lbs lighter would make me a lot less self-conscious on the beach all day long.

So I'm embarking on another self-help project. Eating less and lighter and working out with a goal. I think it's completely doable but am putting it out in cyberspace for some accountability. Slightly less than 6 weeks until we leave for Panama City and I have slightly less than 6 pounds to lose.

I'm using My Fitness Pal to log my food and exercise and I'll do a weekly weigh in on Mondays (since I started yesterday). Hopefully we'll see some progress. If I can shed these pounds, I'll only be 3 pounds heavier than my driver's license says I am!! : )
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