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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Cars Party

A certain someone turned 2 earlier this month and appropriately we celebrated with two parties - one at our house with my family and one at the lake with B Daddy's extended family. The one at our house was the one I took all the pictures of apparently.

One of Squirt's (and our) favorite kiddo movies so far has been Cars. Clearly a Cars-themed party was in order.

We kept it simple and spent under $30 on everything non-food related which I thought was decent. (My splurge was $3.80 for clearance priced Cars plates that I completely forgot to use at the lake party. Awesome.)

The guests were greeted by a checkered flag balloon arrangement.

More balloons and a homemade birthday banner festified the inside of the house. (Balloons = cheap + festive. Does it get better than that? This party planner says no.)

I painted yellow stripes down the middle of some black wrapping paper, added a few cars and voila! a tablecloth that matched the party theme for a few dollars.

After lunch we played a Cars-ified version of cornhole in the front yard, using tire inner tubes and homemade bean bags.

The bean bag toss somehow morphed into toddler bumper cars...which was more fun for everyone involved anyway.

Back inside there was a song to be sung and a Cars cake to be eaten.

Presents were given and received. What a joy to watch this face light up over shoes and a ball!

And finally, a movie was watched to end the afternoon. Has it really been just two years since our life accelerated into this new phase called parenthood?


  1. If your house is anything like ours, feel free to spend a little more and buy a few extra cars b/c while Ben always told me that "boys can NEVER have enough cars" I didn't believe him. We're now a solid 4 yrs into our cars playing life and they are still going strong. :)
    Are those Anna's pink pants? LOVE.THEM. If not, give the girl wearing them a compliment on my behalf. :)
    And your Mum's intense game-playing is awesome.
    You pulled off one fabulous (frugal - in a great way) party, Mama!

  2. Katie, we just did a new header for Cars 2 at work. Would E be interested in a psuedo Cars 2 poster? You might have to trim it down a little but it is pretty sweet and my Hannah (who is a Cars nut) loves it! Let me know, send me a message on facebook or something and I will send it down.


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