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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Home Improvements 2010

After almost 5 years of making this little ranch our home and working hard to put our pennies away according to the guidance of Dave Ramsey...we finally have some free cash to do a little home renovating/decorating.

You'll remember that first up was our little headboard addition taken from the list of un-finished (and un-begun) house projects I wrote up approximately 3 years ago.

In the interest of accountability and because I like sharing the days of our lives with you, I thought I'd post a new list here:

Casa Leipprandt's 2010 Facelift

Re-paint the house Jan 2010
Install new front door Feb 2010
Paint the front porch March 2010

Living Room:
Decide on & purchase new couches (or couch + two chairs?)
New coffee table
New rug
New curtains + rod
Paint the fireplace?

Dining Room:
Chandelier (to replace ceiling fan) March 2010
Replace crown molding
New hutch/console table
New artwork
Install molding under chair rail?

Stainless steel sink
Granite/Quartz/Silestone countertops
Crown molding
New light fixtures
Re-tile backsplash
Raise cabinets
Sand & re-paint all cabinets
Install free-floating shelf under cabinets
Build banquet seating
New butcher block surface counter-height table
Stools for table
New appliances!? : )
Chalkboard pantry door project?

Master Bedroom:
New chair for corner of room
Matching side tables
New lampshades
Mirrors above headboard
Artwork/decoration for center wall
New ceiling fan
Paint crown molding
New headboard

Master Bathroom:
Tile where current linoleum is

We'll be picking and choosing projects to start (and hopefully finish) this year and I'm hoping for some design advice and opinions from the peanut gallery along the way. And yup, recently finished projects are included because that's how I roll. I also like to make to-do lists that include "brush teeth" and "eat lunch" so I'm assured of some real progress throughout the day.

There are certainly more to be added to this list...but I'm pretty pooped just thinking about these. And that new front door slated for February 2010?

Stay tuned!!...


  1. I often put "wake up" and "shower" on my to do lists :) it's really rough those days when i can't cross off 'wake up'!

  2. Katie, Erin and I are just about as bad with our to-do lists. If we have to be someplace at a certain time, we will back calculate our time to know when we need to do certain things and still get a shower & out the door on time. Sounds like you got the list making from the Davidson ya!

  3. Katie, my husband and I just completed (like 3 weeks ago) a COMPLETE renovation of a house that took us 5 years. We had to rip rooms down to studs and sub floor! Let me know if you have any questions, more than likely we have encountered it!

  4. Erin I will DEFINITELY be taking you up on that offer! I am hoping we don't get down to sub-flooring anywhere but the master bath!

  5. Katie,
    Your house is TOO cute. I covet ranchers...always had them growing up (ok, the UK was an exception). We live on the main floor and have only bedrooms upstairs but it's just not the same, quaint house with stairs as it would be w/out. One day I'll visit you over there in the South. I'll bring a little Canada and enjoy a little rancher, Atlanta-style.
    Can't wait to see improvements...


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