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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Buh Bye Ceiling Fan

Up until last week the crowning glory of our little dining room was this ceiling fan - circa 1979.

Made lighting that candle centerpiece down below a bit tricky.

I have been searching high and low for a replacement since the day we moved in (it was actually a line item on "the list"). About 2 years ago, I found this. Unfortunately it was out of our budget, especially since I was convinced we needed not one, but two of them. So I continued looking, determined not to sacrifice classy lighting for the sake of the budget or vice versa.

Finally last month B Daddy looked at me and said, "you know what? Go ahead and get them. I think they're worth it."

WOOO HOOO! So I jumped online - but instead of going directly to I decided to Google the name of the lights- and wouldn't you know this site popped up! Whoa! Those are my lanterns...but those lanterns are...HALF THE PRICE!

Sweet patience. Thank you for your reward.

Check them out in all of their budget-friendly glory. I'm in love.

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