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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dave Update

I am always a curious one about other people's finances - it's my love of learning, not nosiness I swear - and as such I figure that it's only fair to keep you updated on our finances as we journey onward and upward.

You'll remember back in July we finally got to the point of putting 15% away for retirement each month....(Dave Ramsey's Baby Step #4)...hooray!

Well now that we've been doing that for about 5 months and I've actually been paid once or twice, we were able this past month to open up a college fund for E.

Let me tell you, that is some adult-stuff right there. I'm not sure anything I've done since high school, including naming another human being and signing on for $170,000+ in debt, (pre-Dave) has made me feel quite so grown-up.

But I think we did all right picking out a 529 plan through the State of Georgia that will hopefully provide a leg-up for the kiddo in about 18 years. It was surprisingly easy to understand how the whole scenario works and because we set our fund up through the state program, all of our (and anyone else's) contributions are tax-deductible on state returns.

So here we are sitting pretty at Step #5. Can't wait to graduate to #6! What do you think? Do you love Dave? Hate Dave? Let me know!

(If you're curious about all this steppin' we're up to...check out Dave's plan at his site here.)

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  1. I must say I'm having fun reading your blog. I may revamp mine a bit this year (That is once I make the decision to continue on with it...since I STILL don't have a facebook). I must say, being a fellow dave fan, that I am so proud of you! We truly give "Uncle Dave" the credit on how "stress free" this whole 2 baby-stay at home mom thing is. We are in about the same place you are (or were) with the beginning discussions on college funds for Linc and Clay. We have even just decided to stay in our current house to make sure we can continue on this path. So I guess you have given me the incentive to get the info and get the fund(s) going.

    It is such a crazy responsibility all this "big people" decision making we do now. Remember the good ole days when we were just deciding what "245" was gonna eat for dinner??? Ahhh...memories!

    Well, I have done good on my new 2010 life so far. If you could figure out how to eliminate laundry though I would really appreciate that one. I don't understand how there is inevitably ALWAYS a load in the hamper, even when I just finished the laundry! Hope all is well, and that we will atleast double the amount of times we saw each other in 2009 (You realize that means we have to get together 4 times this year-Haha). Talk to you soon.


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