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Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Attic

I confronted a deep-seated fear of mine today.
You see, there is this rickety ladder in our garage.

I don't trust its construction (Jan 1987???) and I don't like the noises it makes.
Therefore, I have actually never been up the ladder.

It only comes down a few times a year anyway. And I usually stand supportively at its base, my heart all a-quiver and shout directives to the more hard-core B Daddy above.

Perhaps it was my embarrassment over Wednesday's incident that emboldened my spirit.
Perhaps I felt the need to prove I am not just a silly girl who loses car keys in my blonder moments.

But most likely it was the lure of these green bins lurking above....

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

Have you started decorating yet?


  1. Good on ya Katie!! We had one of those growing up and the older they are the more they seem to "bend". By the way, the cleanliness of your attic sickens me! ;)

  2. BJ is totally and utterly responsible for any neatness in any area of our home...I cannot take any credit for it!

  3. this one made me laugh. after asking val*many times* to get my xmas decorations from the attic, i too decided to go up the rickety ladder myself:) those same thoughts flooded my mind as well. haha- i lived through it though, and yes, i am ready for xmas:)


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