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Thursday, October 8, 2009


Hi twitter - it's me, Katie.

**tweet** I'm sitting in my kitchen blogging about nothing. **end tweet**

I haven't figured you out yet twitter, but one thing you've done for me already - convinced me I need more pictures of me in my life.

In my quest for a twitter profile picture I did some calculating:

Pictures taken since E was born - 2,849

Pictures E's mother is in (not including pictures taken seconds after delivering said child) - 11

Pictures E's mother has make up on in - 2

It's apparent this phenomenon only occurs to those who have successfully passed through the portal of childbirth - the camera no longer wants or needs you. Especially not if you are wearing make-up or looking particularly un-motherly.

So today I start fighting back.

Take that Rebel.

Oh, and follow me on twitter! @leipprandt.

I don't know what the conversation will be about yet, but I do know you don't want to miss it.


  1. Hey Girl! All I can say is more power to you for getting back to work. Linc and Clay are 4 ms today, and the thought terrifies me!!! I actually jusst referred a buyer to someone else. (Yes incredibly hard thing to do). I'm just not ready to have someones very important (lots of money) decision in my hands yet. I mean-there are days when I am lucky if I remember to start dinner on time-much less get a contract where it needs to be so that a person gets their house!!! Needless to say, a lot of my time is spent feeding babies, and changing diapers! I have recently started a playgroup though. And I make it a point to get out and shop, go to bible study, do lunch, or go visit someone 3 times a week. With 2 babies in tow you could imagine what a sight I am. WOW! How boring does that make my life sound. But my goodness, it doesnt seem like it. I'm lovin it still. Wow that was long enough to have been an email:)

  2. I cannot believe your boys are already 4 months!

    I agree, there are some days when I look at the clock, realize it's 1pm and wonder how I got through the first half of the day without eating, showering, getting dressed or doing anything "productive" that doesn't involve my son.

    Thanks for the comment...I am still making it a goal to get out and visit you guys before October passes me by. : )


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