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Friday, October 16, 2009

I Got Some Junk in this here Trunk

Don't judge. You know you have one.

It's that drawer conveniently located near the back door, or in the kitchen...where stuff somehow just seems to land. At first it was somewhat organized - maybe it held your stamps and letter opener. Then one day you threw a few bills in there, followed by a half-eaten pack of gum.

The next week you put away scissors and some matches there in a rush to straighten the place up. Then you dumped the entire contents of your purse into it one day in a frantic search for Chapstick. Oh, wait - that was me.

Well today I decided to tackle my junk drawer.

Why today you ask?

Because today - in the face of a mounting pile of laundry and a sink full of dirty dishes - cleaning the junk drawer will allow me the thrill of victory.

Because today - despite an uncertain economy and a soaring national deficit - cleaning the junk drawer will give me a sense of control over my little world.

Because today - well frankly if I'm being honest here - it finally got so full I can't shove it closed anymore.

Here is the entire hideous list of its contents:

- 14 coupons - only 3 expired!
- Coupon organizer (empty)
- Checkbook (2 - we haven't had 2 checking accounts in 4 years)
- 10 Thank you notes
- 5 Postcard stamps
- Elmer's glue
- Ball of twine
- 2 tins of breath mints
- 2 pads of Post-Its
- 6 empty gum wrappers (it's apparently entirely too much of an effort to simply throw these away)
- Pack of gum
- Mini candle
- 3 pairs of scissors
- Sunglasses
- 9 random pieces of gum (wrapped)
- Carabiner
- Lonely rubber band
- Can opener
- Dime
- UGA playing cards
- Ibuprofen, aspirin and Tylenol
- wooden clothespin
- Scotch tape
- Buckhead Life gift card - WOO HOO!
- Letter opener
- Allergy meds
- A button
- Thumbtack
- Flea/tick meds for D
- $6.50 in pennies - in 50 cent paper rolls. (Who the heck has paper rolled coins? Me. That's who.)
- Set of boot camp drill instructions
- Home Depot store credit - WOO HOO!
- Pack of Christmas light replacement bulbs
- 7 Sharpie markers. 5 of which are black.
- 4 identical red pens
- 2 Bic lighters
- Book of matches
- A house key (I have been looking for this for at least 4 months)
- 3 safety pins
- 4 paper clips
- 22 miscellaneous pens (all tested - 5 thrown away)

Phew! Who knew one drawer could hold so much?

And now, after 15 minutes of sorting, throwing away and paring down, all is right with the world.

Now onto that laundry...


  1. My organized and productive side is so very proud of this accomplishment! My lazy and "too chilly to leave the couch/blanket" side is mad at you for showboating and making me remember I need to do this to my closet!! Now I know where to run when I need an emergency stick of gum. Nice work! :)

  2. your junk drawer actually contained ALL that??
    you may have inspired me to tackle mine...i have more than one though!

  3. Yes cbrock - my junk drawer container ALL that. Astounding I know! I feel lighter and cleaner already. We're considering a garage sale next.


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