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Monday, July 27, 2009

Uncle Lee

Meet Uncle Lee.

Uncle Lee is a serious competitor. He has never met a board game he couldn't master in minutes. He has never lost a game of Scrabble in his life...go on....challenge the man.

He is an expert in the most ridiculous of sporting events - corn hole, ladder ball, tennis (maybe not so ridiculous) and flag football.

He is also hilarious. He's the "funny one" in our family. I don't know if being dubbed the funny one ever bothers him, but his sense of humor is a God-given gift and I'm grateful I get to reap the benefits of it so often.

Uncle Lee works for a hip ad-agency in the ATL which means he has access to fancy photo-editing software. It also means his job is way cooler than yours. Sorry, thems the facts.

So last week my dad sent an email to the family with this picture and asked, "...look like anyone we know?"

Little E likes to fall asleep like's excellent.

Uncle Lee sent this back in response.

Frightening? Yes. Funny? Yes. Everyone should have an Uncle Lee.

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