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Thursday, July 30, 2009

True Story

Editor's Note: When I was a little girl I wanted to be an archaeologist (the only reason I can spell that word without missing a beat).

I entered my freshman year of college with 32 credits, thank you AP classes. Realizing that I was essentially a sophomore I decided to play around with the course load I took that first year. In no particular order some of the more ridiculous things my college fund paid for were:

African Drumming
Classical Archaeology 1101
Greek Mythology 1101
Classical Archaeology 1102
Presidential Politics & Rhetoric

I was a BUSINESS major.

Anyway, one day I'm lounging in my Mythology course watching my professor outline a Greek (or was it Roman?) genealogy on the chalkboard when he suddenly pauses, chalk in mid-air.

He stands like this for several seconds, long enough for me to look around and realize I am the only student actually paying attention to him. (As you might imagine, it was a small class.)

I'm beginning to wonder what's going on when his face suddenly goes sheet-white. Again, I am the only student looking anywhere remotely in his direction and now I'm starting to to worry. Then his eyes roll back, the chalk pings against the linoleum and he slumps to the ground behind his desk. At this point, several students look up from their crosswords, but no one makes a move...yet

Enter Katie - first responder/mythology student extraordinaire.

I jump out of my desk - casting judgmental glances around me - and run towards him. When I see he's out cold I do a 180 and hightail it out of the classroom...

Hearing a lecture going on down the hall I burst into that classroom (which, in spite of my panic I do note is quite full) wide-eyed and breathless and yell as I've seen in the movies, "Someone call 911!" (P.S. This was before everyone had a cell phone.)

I'm not sure what exactly I was expecting, but again, no one moves. 

Realizing it's entirely up to me to save the poor professor's life I turn tail and sprint back down the hall - arriving in time to see my professor sitting in his chair with a few students gathered around, fanning him with their crosswords.

He quickly dismissed class for the day. The next time class met, it was as if it had never happened. And fortunately no one called 911, which in retrospect might have been a bit of an overreaction. 


  1. LOL- I just read this post today. It was almost like it was a dream! I would have been mortified!

    1. I was mortified! Fortunately I didn't run into many of the students from that class ever again...once again, I was a business major after all.

  2. "I jump out of my desk - casting judgmental glances around me - and run towards him." LOL!!! This is my favorite part!

    1. I cast judgmental glances fast and furious. Just ask B Daddy.


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