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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Delayed gratification

A while ago I read about the following psychological study:

Researchers put young children in a room, gave them each a marshmallow and then left - giving the children instructions that if they didn't eat their marshmallow while the researcher was out, they could have two marshmallows when the researcher came back in.

Apparently the children involved in the study were tracked over the years and those who were able to hold out for both marshmallows were found to be more successful and well-adjusted adults than those who couldn't wait.

In theory this makes total sense. What's amazing to me is how difficult this concept is to put into practice.

Case in point - I adore handbags. Love them. Love Them. Probably could never have enough of them. Any men reading simply can't and won't understand this affection.

However due to my budget-consciousness (see Financial Freedom post), I usually sport cheap handbags. Target and H&M have an incredible selection. The bags are great for a few months until they fall apart due to poor construction from cheap materials.

Constantly replacing these bags has easily cost several hundred dollars over the years - and so I recently vowed to B Daddy that I would not buy another cheap bag. Nope, I was going to save up all of those twenties and buy something like this:

The next day I promptly went out and spent $10 on this:

- Sigh -


  1. I myself am a lover of handbags (and shoes...) and have found that TJMaxx and Marshalls are the BEST place for puchasing quality purses on the cheap! I've gotten a Coach and Via Spiga bag at TJMaxx for probably 1/3 of the regular price!

  2. It's a Marc Jacobs. Thanks for the tip Ryan!

  3. I have your impluse buy in white!


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