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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Name Games

Now that we're 11 weeks into Little E's life and he's cooperating with my demands that he sleep a full 12 hours at night, I'm certainly feeling like I've got this parenting thing in the bag.

(I do realize this is a ridiculous thought, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm thinking it. Pride is one of my many character flaws)

So with my new-found (should that be hyphenated? I need an editor) confidence I've started thinking about names for my future children and I recently realized they must fit the mold of abbreviated names in this household.

B Daddy's full name is Brandon Joel, aka B.J. At some point in our dating relationship I found it too taxing to pronounce both letters each time I needed attention, so I began calling him "B".

Years later, along comes Big Brown...aka Dakota. Again, Dakota is a mouthful when you simply want to comment on how trim and fit she's looking these days, so I usually refer to her as "D"(Unless of course she has just thrown up on our bedroom carpet, in which case I pull out her full moniker, Dakota Ann.)

And then we decided to have a child. We named him Elijah because I think it's beautiful and BJ thinks it's strong and -hallelujah- it just happens to fit in with B and D... I usually just call the squirt E.

My name of course doesn't play along with this little game at all, but I rarely refer to myself in third person and B Daddy doesn't find Katie as taxing as I apparently find all multi-syllable names, so we're good on that account.

So what letters do I have to choose from for all future family members?
C, G, P, T, V and the one I'm most excited about...Z

Any suggestions??

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  1. Im just thrilled to know little ones are great enough that you would already be thinking about doing the preggie thing again. Very encouraging! As far as names go, Kyle might fight you for Hammish or Barcelona (H, or Baby B?), but then again, that's Kyle.


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