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Friday, June 24, 2016

What Do Snapchat, The Popcast and Coca-Cola Have In Common?

Things I'm loving this week, that's what.

I have been drinking Cokes lately. Like a teenage boy, Not Diet Cokes, but honest to goodness sugar-laden delicious Coca-Cola. I stopped drinking soda in general a few years ago, but every now and then I succumb and grab a Diet Coke or a DDP at a restaurant. But this week the sleeve of Cokes that we keep on hand for BJ has been BECKONING from the fridge. Probably something to do with the 95+ degree days we've been having. I'm blatantly ignoring the fact that I'm an almost 34 year old in the middle of bathing suit season and indulging daily. There are only 3 left so the temptation will be gone by Monday.

I get it. I'm the last one to this party. All the teens and twenty-somethings have been snap chattering for years. But I'm approaching 34 and I figure I'll be late to all future technology parties from here on out. I'm comfortable with that.

I got Snapchat years and years ago and abandoned it quickly because it just seemed like pointless sexting app. And then BJ started using it a lot last year (not to sext, to take pictures of himself skateboarding) and I would steal his phone just to watch his Story at the end of the day. I finally figured I should just get it on my phone. And y'all - it's so much fun. On Instagram you have to be perfect, on Facebook you need to at least be interesting but on Snapchat you can just BE.

Things you missed if you're not following me on Snapchat this week: no make-up Katie, lip-syncing Katie and bathing suit wearing Katie. Because none of those things need to live forever in infamy on the internet. I'm @leipprandt on there if you want to add me.

The Popcast
If y'all haven't discovered this podcast yet, you're in for a treat. Knox and Jamie are hilarious. It's like listening to your favorite radio DJs but without having to put up with commercials and music you don't like.

Favorite exchange from this week's show:

Knox: Listen, there's two kinds of people in the world. You ready? 
Jamie: Ready.
Knox: There's people who, if they're running, and they get to an intersection where they have to wait, they stop and wait. Or, there's the kind of people who will run in place, like an animal. You're one of these two people. You might not run, but philosophically you abide by one of those two things.  

I mean this is truth right? Which kind of person are you? Which kind of person am I? Let's please discuss in the comments.

A Walk in the Woods
Have you seen it? It's the movie adaptation of Bill Bryson's hilarious book of the same name about hiking the Appalachian Trail late in life. (I realize I've used hilarious twice now in one blog post and have lost all credibility with you.) BJ and I watched it last night and we're now plotting when exactly is the right time to take our crew of six on the six-month trek. I figure when Jude is 15 and Eli is 20 we could pull it off. Can you imagine? Four teenagers totally removed from technology and friends for that long in the woods? If reality TV is still a thing in 2029, look for us. Also, it's free on Amazon Prime, so click on that link above if you're a member and now you have plans for tonight. You're welcome.

Stripping furniture
BJ and I are trying to make progress on our bedroom redesign while the three big kids are up in Michigan and re-finishing that dresser there (in the BEFORE picture...have we talked about my fear of color early on in our marriage? Everything in our house- except this dresser -was brown) is part of our master plan. Today I dragged it out to the garage and used paint stripper for the first time ever. Life changing. In 30 minutes I scraped the old paint off and was rewarded with gorgeous raw wood peeking out at me. Instant gratification is my jam when it comes to DIY projects.

Daring Greatly
More evidence that I need to pick up on the things everyone is doing sooner. I have been ignoring Brene Brown's supposed brilliance for years solely because everyone is fawning over her books. I figured she had enough fans. But then I found a copy of Daring Greatly at the thrift store (along with Kisses from Katie and The Star Wars LEGO Visual Dictionary) last week and dug in. SO GOOD.

Diaper Bum
It's just me and this little man for another eight days. He's my last baby in diapers and I'm dying over his chunky thighs. Since it's 98 degrees in the shade anyway I've decided he doesn't need to wear pants for the rest of the summer.

What have you been loving this week? Other good reads, podcasts, sugar-laden beverages I need in my life? Spill the beans in the comments. Happy FRIDAY!


  1. A few thoughts: 1) So glad you are enjoying the Popcast! 2) We need an after pic of the dresser please 3) Kisses from Katie is really good too for when you finish Brene Brown's book. 4) I used to be the person who jogged in place at red lights/intersections, but post-33 Anna doesn't do that anymore 😜 Not sure what that says about me

    1. 1. thanks for the recommendation. 2. the dresser may never be done, you know me. 3. I've started Kisses for Katie! I keep getting distracted from it. 4. I think it says you're getting wiser...


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