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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kiddo Update #3

We've spent lots of time away from home this past month. I have a love/hate relationship with spending time away from home. Usually it means I'm with B Daddy (love), yummy food (love/hate), too little time at the gym (hate) and also that I haven't kept up the blog very well... so I'm going to do my favorite kind of quickie post: a kiddo update.

The Squirt

Stop it already buddy - you are growing up too fast. You are a huge help to me around the house and you have such a tender spirit. I know my days of snuggling on the couch with you are numbered, so when I do that, it's because I'm soaking it all in - not because I'm lazy.

Quote of the week: "When I play for Georgia I'm gonna need two suits. A red number 5 and a blue number 81." Um...ok.

Special Skills: Snapping, jumping off the diving board, writing his name mostly correctly

Likes: Sandwiches, routine, Star Wars, fireworks

Dislikes: changes to our routine, being corrected, cheese

 Sweet B

My sweet girl - you are SO DRAMATIC. You are super high-spirited all the time, which means you give the best hugs I've ever had but you scream a lot too. I'm hoping we find some middle ground before you turn 13. 

Quotes from the week: "Mommy I need pwivacy." (We're potty-training. Again.) "I love you guys." (She says this approximately 12 times a day to me and B Daddy.)

Special Skills: Dressing herself (see pic above)

Likes: Band-Aids, dresses, milk, spinning til she gets dizzy and falls down

Dislikes: Round sandwiches, shorts, waiting

 Blue Eyes

Oh my Blue Eyes. The first baby I have really and truly appreciated. I love your squishy thighs and your belly laughs. Also, I love how much you nap. 

Quote of the week: "Baaaw"(Ball.) "Muh mmmoo." (More milk please.)

Special Skills: walking/running (this has been going on for a while, but it's new since the last kid update.)

Likes: bananas, sleeping, driving toy cars around on the floor

Dislikes: being left out, car seats, peaches

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