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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Five Hens Walk Into a Bar

I told you a few weeks back that the hens started laying and that B Daddy and I started a running egg tally. Would you believe that we have collected well over 100 eggs since the beginning of May? It is so fun to go back there and check each morning...with one hen the results were fairly predictable, but now that we have five the kids and I can play, "How Many Eggs?!" and "What Color Will They Be?" We all equally anticipate what might be behind the egg door each day.

After a few weeks of solid laying we had our first five-egg day. I took the picture above that afternoon. They're gorgeous right? So much more interesting than the dozen all-white or all-brown eggs you buy at the store.

We're now gathering about 3 eggs per day. And Hester (our original hen - now over 3 years old) is only laying 1 or 2 eggs a week. I joked with B Daddy that we needed to take her out back and wring her neck. Seriously though, I'm wondering how long we'll keep her around once she stops laying entirely. She eats and poops every bit as much as the other girls...aka a lotta work without much reward. I completely understand why farmers 'process' animals once they've lived past their prime. I highly doubt we'll eat Hester, but I'll keep you posted.

I went out today and snapped a few pictures of the flock for you bird-lovers.

Char- named by Squirt. We think she actually lays the white eggs. Funny, no?

 Daphne- named by Yours Truly. She's our skinniest hen by far. We thought she was a rooster for a bit because she's constantly chasing the other hens around and causing a ruckus.  

Cosette. This is the hen we "gave" to my mom for Christmas this year. 
Mom has naming and visitation rights and gets all of Cosette's egg production. 
She's our friendliest and most curious hen, 
always waiting right at the coop door when I come bearing scraps.

Marshmellow - named by SweetB. She's our plumpest hen and I'd bet money she'll replace Hester at the top of the pecking order whenever Hester's number is called. 

Oh and the title? No idea. It just seemed like the start of something interesting. ;)

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