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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Budding Musician

When it comes to lessons and camps for pre-school kids my philosophy tends to be 'less is more'. I believe there is plenty of time as they grow older for structured learning, but for now kids mostly need to PLAY PLAY PLAY. 

That said, we've enrolled the Squirt in a really awesome sounding music class for pre-schoolers called Let's Play Music! this week.

The Squirt is into music. I think he has natural aptitude for it - he'll call out the instruments he hears when songs come on the radio. (My favorite is trombone...I love that he can pick out a trombone.) My dad gave him a ukelele about a year ago and we bought a harmonica for him for Christmas. (P.S. Best musical instrument EVER. There are no wrong notes.) He asked for a tambourine for his birthday this year. We watch music videos on YouTube and then re-create them as family with the Squirt acting as director. This kid likes music.

While I did play percussion in the marching band (middle school- how I wish I had a picture to share with you) and join the chorus (high school) I can't read music and I'm not sure how to encourage the interest beyond what we're already doing...hence the music lessons.

And scarily enough I kinda see myself going Tiger Mom on the music thing. There's evidence that you can create an 'ear' for music by starting kids early, so we're giving it a go.

For your viewing pleasure today are a few videos* of the Squirt 'playing'.

*My always-present disclaimer when I post a video - these are strictly for family-readers andKid people who are really bored. If you watched and don't fall into that category - no complaining if you weren't thoroughly entertained. 

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