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Friday, July 12, 2013

Back to my Roots

B Daddy asked me to change it up a little when I went to my hairdresser's yesterday afternoon...

I came home a brunette. I kind of love it and I kind of freak out every time I look in the mirror. Sorry for the picture, it's a selfie I took for my sister yesterday (because Sister gets the privilege of immediate notification on every detail of my life.) It's far more flattering than the selfie I could take right now at 7am with puffy eyes and no make up.

I'm incapable of just smiling nicely when taking a selfie. My eyebrows inevitably shoot up - apparently in an effort to communicate, "I am aware it's ridiculous that I am taking a picture of myself. But I am not vain - see, my face is silly! Not SO silly that it's ugly...pretty-silly. And it could easily just be pretty! I'm a totally secure person even if I am taking a picture of myself so you can tell me my hair looks nice."

All that to say - my hair is brown. Thanks in advance for not dropping Crazy Joy from your feed reader when you read enthralling posts like this.

1 comment:

  1. I like it! I have never known you as anything but a blonde! What did the hubs think?


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