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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

40 Days and Counting...

A year ago today I posted this about Ash Wednesday and the important acts of self-denial and penitence I was planning to engage in for the next 40 days.

Today I'm sipping a Diet Dr. Pepper and scarfing the last of the Valentine's conversation hearts with little to no thought of self-denial in the next 40 days. You know what happens in 40 days right? Baby Boy Leipprandt is due to arrive on the scene. Easter Sunday. Granted, I'll likely be induced (no need to comment with your personal opinions please) a few days before the weekend, so that means in 40 days I'll for sure be sleep-deprived, bleeding, nursing and most likely crying.

Self-denial is just not in the cards for me in this particular season.

Nor apparently is blogging. I apologize for my uncharacteristically infrequent appearance in your news feed as of late. It's just that, well, I'm really very pregnant. I have just about enough energy on any given day for feeding and bathing the children and watching New Girl. After that, I'm spent.

And in spite of my lack of energy the porch is getting remodeled, so every afternoon when the kids go down for their naps and my uncle has wrapped up for the day I can look at the sunroom and say to myself, "Look what we accomplished today Katie! You sit down and take that nap."

And generally speaking I do.

But I want you all to be up to date with all the mundane intimate details of our lives, so here's a quick update:

  • The Squirt and Sweet B are sharing a room. It's ADORABLE. They have matching beds (hers is a crib, his a crib with the front panel removed...from Ikea....I love them) that are adorable and each night they kiss and hug before heading off to dreamland together. ADORABLE.

  • They also wake each other up in the morning. Before 7:30. This sucks. The last two days B Daddy and I have moved Brit back to her old room before we head to bed so she doesn't wake E up in the morning. This is my neurotic way of convincing myself I'm not backpedaling on the room-sharing thing and yet getting that precious hour to myself each morning. I know it can't last....but I have 40 more days gosh darn it.

  • The porch should be finished in another two weeks or so. It is beautiful already. I cannot wait to take a nap out there.

  • I went to Austin this past weekend with my sister to see where my dad works and we had a blast. We basically ate our way through the city. We also got pedicures without having to coordinate babysitting and shopped at what must be the world's largest Goodwill for two glorious uninterrupted hours. I spent $42, which is a record high for me at a thrift store. Maybe one day I will show you what $42 bought me... I was thrilled.

  • I am spending the weekend with 12 of my favorite girls. We have our annual in-town high school retreat Friday through Sunday and the topic this year is - Love, Sex and Dating. Phew! Please pray for us, it should be interesting as always.

  • I'm contemplating having a party for the Squirt where children other than his cousins are invited. Good idea, bad idea? Discuss.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week! Happy Ash Wednesday to you and I would love to hear if you're observing Lent this year, what the most money you ever spent at Goodwill was and what you would say to high school girls regarding Love, Sex and Dating if given the platform.


  1. - Praying for you during your LAST EVER DAYS BEING PREGNANT. :)
    - Have missed your blog updates! (But understand!!!)
    - After reading Wheat Belly and already having some digestive/wheat/corn digestive issues, I am giving up Grains for Lent. Never observed it in the past.


  2. I think you should be basking in your last ever days of being pregnant! Only 40 to go! Kind of fun that the world is counting down with you (or at least those observing Lent). Lee and I will be adding something to our routine this Lent instead of giving up something but seeing as we really haven't seen each other in a week, the details are yet to be determined. The most I've ever spent at Goodwill was this past trip with you ($27?) Well worth it I might add, as I have worn my jeans 3 days in a row and they are the comfiest things EVER! What would I say to your girls??? I don't know that 1.5 days is long enough to cram their heads and hearts with everything I'd want to impress upon them. Will be praying for you guys!!!


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