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Friday, February 3, 2012

Two New Chicks

Pullet - a young hen, esp. one less than a year old.

Having chickens here at Casa Leipprandt was my idea in the first place...if you'll recall I got very romantical about the notion of freshly laid eggs for breakfast and suburban farming and living off the land around two years ago. But after Charlotte's unfortunate demise I got used to just having Hester around. There's a lot less poop with one chicken. As a matter of fact, it's cut in half, if my math is right.

Not that I clean out the chicken coop all that regularly anyway. But with Charlotte gone and Hester not laying enough eggs to earn her keep, caring for another chicken seemed like a big (unrewarding) task. And one I wasn't up for what with my two toddlers pooping gracious plenty enough for this mama's liking.

Last week however B Daddy came home one day with two new chicks pullets. Um.....really??When did we have this conversation about the family addition? Oh that's right, we didn't. I feigned annoyance when he eagerly pulled out the apple carton they were hauled north in and told him, "coop poop duty is all yours now mister."

But then he let them out into our coop and it turns out they are GORGEOUS! And little. They are like pint-sized Hesters with different coloring.

Oh and Hester hates them. She's a total pullet-bully. Which in truth makes it way more entertaining to watch them all down there now.

The day of their arrival she stood guard at the entrance to the coop and pecked them if they dared walk the plank. She's mellowed a bit after a week, but she still stands in the middle of their run and plays Shark & Minnows with them as they try to dash across to get their food and water.

The internet people say that pullets start laying when they are around 6-8 months old. Not entirely helpful since I don't know how old they are now...but that just adds to the excitement. Never a dull moment around here you know.

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