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Friday, October 28, 2011

Super Easy Super Hero

So B Daddy and I decided the Squirt should be "Dash" from The Incredibles for Halloween this year. (What do you do once they are old enough to decide for themselves?!?) One of my goals for the time being is going to be to make at least one of my kids' Halloween costumes each year. My mom took care of #2 by purchasing this adorable ladybug get up... Dash's bad-guy-fighting gear was up to me to create.

Here's what I did:

I used a craft store piece of foam to cut out a mask, patterned/sized from an existing Green Lantern mask the Squirt loves.

A hand-me-down red sweatsuit worked perfectly as the body of the costume since it's 12 month size and fits pretty snugly.

I was really excited when we were given these boots...the Squirt loves them and they are black. Check! We had a sweatband laying around that just needed a quick Rit dye bath and it became the right color for Dash's belt.

The only sewing I had to do was to make the "gloves". I figured the little man wouldn't last long with actual gloves on, so I created tubes of fabric from an old t-shirt (what else?) and sewed them on to the sweatshirt sleeves so they wouldn't be pulled off before we hit the 'hood. (Bonus: the gloves cover up a too short sleeve.)

The most time consuming part of the costume was creating the Incredibles logo. Here's a mini-tutorial if you need to make your own Superman/Batman/Incredibles chest emblem in the future:

1. Do a Google images search and print your logo off the computer, approximately sized as you want it.

2. Cut a backing piece of fabric that each different colored piece will adhere to. (In this case - a black t-shirt.)

3. Cut out the detail pieces in appropriate colors.

4. Working your way from the very top color on your emblem (white in this case), heat-n-bond each piece to the next, until the entire logo is attached together.

5. Heat-n-bond the emblem to your shirt.

It seriously took 15 minutes. And I was trying to take my time.

So that's my Dash costume. I have to say I am pretty pleased. It was free except for the piece of foam to make the mask. (I'm also buying black face paint in case Squirt goes on a mask strike Monday.) What are YOUR kids being for Halloween this year??

Oh yeah - and I am hosting a Halloween party. Be still my heart. It's for the kids in the neighborhood...but I am decorating with a craft or two off my Pinterest Spooky Party board - I can't wait to share pics next week.

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  1. Great minds think alike! I did this same thing!

    I found you on Tatertots and Jello :)


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