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Monday, October 24, 2011

My (Inerrant) Theology on Child Birth

Let me preface this post by saying that pregnant women everywhere are welcome to deliver their babies any which way they feel like having them and I will cheer them on and laugh and cry with them when they tell their labor story.

Let me also just say I usually try not to go proselytizing those of y'all who just want my Blueberry Cobbler recipe. But in this instance a little background is necessary, so bear with me if you would.

I have developed a theology on child birth that informs my feelings and thoughts about the matter and since enough people have asked me about my plans for Numero Tres, I figured I would just go ahead make my stance on the subject public.

Most readers will be familiar with two little Biblical characters named Adam and Eve. In the Old Testament creation story this happy couple are frolicking about in paradise when they decide to break God's one and only rule for them.

Consequently, God hands out some punishments, (in addition to the whole - separation from God for eternity thing...) One for Adam, and one for Eve. Adam's goes something like: working will be hard and you will sweat and toil to obtain your food. (Paraphrase entirely mine, Gen 3:17-19) Eve's punishment is given one verse earlier (Genesis 3:16) and is pretty cut and dried:

"I will make your pains in childbearing very severe;
with painful labor you will give birth to children."

So let's review mmm k? Painful childbirth is a curse and a punishment. Straight from the mouth of God.

Now - some good news comes to both men and women in the New Testament. And here's where theologians have come up with two fancy terms: saving grace and common grace. Saving grace refers to the gift of Christ's sacrifice, which fixes the whole separation from God for eternity thing.

Common grace (the grace most related to child bearing and my point in writing this post) refers to the grace of God that is common to all mankind. "Common" because it is intended for the whole human race and "grace" because it is undeserved and sovereignly bestowed by God. (Definition Wikipedia)

Examples of common grace for moms include: nap time, coffee and my personal favorite - The Epidural.

I love dearly and truly admire all of my friends who have taken Bradley classes and eschewed medication in favor of a painful Natural Childbirth. That is insane and amazing.

I however, feel that I would be remiss were I to forsake the marvelous and amazing common grace given to modern woman in the form of the epidural. My God has providentially and graciously provided a way out from under the punishment of painful child birth. I give thanks for my coffee. I give thanks for nap time. And come April 2012, I shall once again give thanks for The Epidural.


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