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Friday, October 7, 2011

Gone Camping

We are heading north today to fulfill Numero 23 on the list - taking the kids camping!

We've had a countdown on the chalkboard all week long. (I know I've got mad art skills.)

We bought this on Tuesday. (It's a lantern. A Lego lantern! Which I definitely lobbied for. Isn't it awesome!? I'm a total sucker at REI.)

And this was set up in our front yard all day yesterday.

This may be a total nightmare, or it could be the best thing ever. Who knows until you give it a try? I'm definitely not gonna pretend that we're roughing it....B Daddy and I have an air mattress and both children will be corralled into pack-n-plays for the evening. The plan right now is to meet my sister and brother-in-law (and their two toddlers) at a campground about an hour north of our home on tonight.

Chili is on the dinner menu to be followed by s'mores (but of course!) for dessert. We're hoping the kids will conk out before 10 and sleep until at least 6:30. :)

Saturday we're going to eat breakfast, break camp and head to Ellijay for some apple pickin' - our third year in a row! - and pumpkin patchin'. Why stretch the autumn activities out when you can cram them all into one big day of craziness, right??

Come Monday I'll hopefully have a few helpful tips about camping with toddlers. (With any luck, something other than, "don't do it!!") Have a great weekend!

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