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Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Second Born

I feel like I haven't given #2 a whole lotta love on the blog so far. I mean, by the time Squirt was 9 months old he already had 17 posts dedicated to his bad self. Sweet B has only had 8. I suppose that's the curse (or blessing?) of the second born.

So let's catch up on all things Britain shall we?

She started crawling approximately 10 minutes after she could sit independently. This has created untold headaches for Yours Truly. EVERYTHING she finds on the floor is immediately picked up and then examined orally. And there's apparently a large amount of strangeness on our floor judging from the objects I've pulled out of her mouth.

She has 6 teeth now! 4 of which have come in the last two weeks. Poor baby. (Poor mama.)

Girl can EAT! See pics. (She comes by it honest...)

And she also packs away food like a chipmunk. This is NOT an exaggeration. Monday night I gave her a small piece of red pepper to chew on while I was making dinner (thinking it might keep her occupied for more than 5 seconds)....well she ate dinner (a full serving of ravioli), drank a bottle, slept for 13 hours, woke and was tossing her morning bottle around when I noticed she was chewing something in her high chair. I panicked - what had she found on the floor?? - and did the blind finger sweep to pull out the foreign object. It was - you guessed it - a mushy piece of red pepper. Stored safely overnight in those ridiculously chubby cheeks.

She is SO different from the Squirt. She needs to be around someone at all times. She is much more expressive (the Squirt rarely smiled at her age). She is even more active and more curious than he was.

But then she'll laugh and it's HIS laugh. I love that. They are siblings. They fight and they giggle and they entertain each other. She is such a blessing and a true Joy.

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