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Monday, September 19, 2011

All I Want for Christmas is a Nicely Wrapped Present

I know, I know, it's barely fall! But I had a birthday party to attend over the weekend and took great pleasure in wrapping up the gift we were taking. With the holidays quickly approaching I felt compelled to share a little somethin' somethin' with my nearest and dearest, my faithful readers.

I Adore Wrapped Presents.

I love wrapping them. I love unwrapping them. I love to give them. I love to receive them. I love to admire them from a distance. I love to buy cute wrapping paper. I love presents wrapped in the funnies and presents wrapped in fancy handmade paper. I love bows and ribbon and jute and string. I love embellishments too.

There is just something SO special about a nicely wrapped gift. Am I alone here? I for one would be fine if tomorrow all gift bags were banished from the earth. Gift bags are certainly convenient and I'm not saying I am opposed to the use of one when an oversized or awkwardly shaped present is being given - but wrapping a gift is such a lovely gesture.

A nicely wrapped gift is like a firm handshake - it makes a killer first impression. (Profound, I know. Feel free to use that analogy in your own world...)

There is so much more anticipation with a wrapped gift. Pulling the ribbon off, tearing the paper, fumbling with tape, opening the box, un-peeling tissue and then and only then....the ah ha moment! I love to watch both children and adults rip into a wrapped present and have the wonder of their gift unfold before them. As for me, I appreciate the extra time it takes to open a wrapped gift, knowing that it is but a fraction of the time the giver spent selecting and wrapping it up.

For real, am I alone here? Has anyone else noticed the subtly invasive nature of the gift bag? Anyone else feel that a gift bag is equivalent to phoning it in?? Anyone terrified of gifting me anything in the future now?! :)


  1. Yes, I am now afraid to give you anything in a gift bag... :)

  2. No dear, you certainly are *not* alone. But you already knew that, right? ;)

  3. Personally, I can't wait for the next family birthday celebration!! How will the gifts be presented??


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