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Friday, September 30, 2011

Dying to Throw a Spook-tacular Bash

October is only one day away! Can you believe it? And for whatever reason (I have a great costume in mind) this year I am really really hung up on the idea of hosting a Halloween party. B Daddy was working late quite a bit this week so I made the most of my alone time by watching Extreme Couponers (can't decide if I'm disgusted or envious) and pinning the heck out of some Halloween party ideas.

Here's a glimpse at my Spooky Party Pinterest board. If you're a Pinterest junkie...Follow Me on Pinterest. Every now and then I get a wild hair and go nuts with a fun board. (Did I mention I need an excuse to make cake pops again?)

Are Halloween parties your idea of a good time? Would you come if I invited you? I'm worried that everyone already has amazing killer awesome party plans that weekend. Or that the adults I know are all party poopers and would show up sans costume (LAME!)

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