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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How to Drastically Improve Your Mom Life

Suggestion Numero Uno: Wake up before your kids do!

I can't believe how many veteran moms I know who don't do this one thing. I got into the habit of waking up before the Squirt as soon as he started sleeping through the night and it is hands down my favorite time of day. I entirely contribute my ability to lose the baby weight, to maintain a blog, to have a quiet time and to look forward to my kids waking up to this one single habit.

After almost 2 years of starting my day on my own terms, I now can't imagine waking up to the urgency of a crying kiddo each morning.

I try to get up an hour before my youngest is stirring and decide each day how to spend that time. Whether I work out and take a shower, make breakfast and have my quiet time or read blogs and write for my own, I have a chance to accomplish something for ME before doing anything for the kids each day. On the days I don't get up before they do, I tend to slink through the morning, wishing I had a minute to enjoy my coffee before it got cold or that I'd had the chance to brush my teeth before noon.

If you've never gotten up before your kids or you're not a morning person, start with 15 minutes and see how your day improves. I'll be shocked if you don't find yourself more excited to engage with your kids once they are awake and join you for the day.

What do you think? Is this something you do every day? Or something there's no way you'll ever do?

Veteran mamas out there - any other simple tips like this for more peaceful days?

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