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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Kids Cooking School

Even though homeschooling is officially over til September, over the next few weeks the kids and I are going to spend some intentional time each day learning together.  Instead of math, writing and reading, we'll be tackling cooking, cleaning, art, woodworking and dinosaurs. The idea is to use this time when we don't have school work going on to focus on learning some life skills. (Okay so the dinosaur topic was the kids' idea and knowing a T Rex from a Stegosaurus is not exactly a life skill, but we're going with it.)

We're starting in the kitchen by learning a few basics. Just some simple things that will give them confidence and lend a (HUGE) hand to BJ and me throughout the day.

This week we're tackling the following:

1. How to crack an egg
Elijah can crack an egg, but my 5 and 4 year old are definitely old enough to learn as well. It's a little thing, but it takes practice and this year when we've baked together I've been too irritated to slow down enough to teach this simple thing to them. 

2. How to make a sandwich.
It's the spreading that causes all the trouble and really, this is just another practice thing. I've been too much of a neat-freak to really let them make the mess that learning requires, so I'm going to be intentional about letting go of my clean countertop and letting them do it themselves. 

3. How to wash and cut an apple, a carrot and a strawberry.
These are their favorite fruits and veggies that require "prep" and it would be huge for them to have the knowledge to serve themselves healthy foods. (And for me not to have to help every time someone wants a snack!) 

4. How to turn on the stove-top and use the built-in griddle to cook grilled cheese, hot dogs and quesadillas.
So this is a little more advanced/dangerous, but they are all old enough to understand the directive, "DO NOT do this without Mom or Dad around" so I think we're good. Since the above foods are their favorite dinners and they are all made on the stovetop, I figure the pay-off is worth the risk. Knowing how to make your favorite dinners is really winning at life isn't it? 

5. How to make Rice Krispy treats.
Dessert that doesn't require anything but a bowl and the microwave. I don't think you need this explained further. 

On Friday night they'll show off their skills by making our whole family dinner. The kids currently think Skills School is "so awesome". We'll see if they feel the same way next week when we tackle Cleaning!

What Life-Skills could you teach your kids this summer?

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