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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Annual Reader Survey

Hi friends!

In the past 7 years this blog has gone from a personal diary of sorts to a broader gathering place where stories of motherhood, family life, faith and everything in between are shared. Your comments, emails and encouragement are the reason I keep at it and I appreciate you guys so very much!

In the interest of giving the people what they want and making sure this place continues to grow and thrive, I would LOVE it if you would take 5 minutes to fill out the 9 question survey about this blog over at the following link:

Crazy Joy Reader Survey

If you are a VIP email subscriber and already took the survey - thank you so much! (If you're not an email subscriber - just type your email into the box at the very top of this page or over to the right of this subscribers get the latest news first and never miss a post.) 

Finally, if you are on Facebook, I would also love it if you'd "like" the new Crazy Joy Blog Facebook page, which you can do by clicking HERE, and then "liking" the page. Having all of my readers follow me on Facebook means I can keep the Crazy Joy stuff off of my personal account and widen the audience for the blog stuff - which is important as I pursue writing as something more than just cheap therapy.

Thanks for reading this business-y post - and please take the survey (it's so quick!) and do like my Facebook page (there will be funny stuff, serious stuff, and you'll be so glad you did.)

Nothing but love for you,

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