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Friday, August 14, 2015

Current Obsessions 8.14.15

This article: 8 Tips for Kissing Towards a More Passionate Marriage
Y'all. 20 seconds is a LONG time.

This recipe: My Go-To Green Protein Smoothie
Blend together: 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk and 2 giant handfuls spinach. Add a frozen banana and one scoop of vanilla protein powder.  Calories: 292 Carbs: 34 Protein: 31 Fat: 6

This custom chalk art above my blogging desk (aka the kitchen table) by @flowersarelovely. Follow her on Instagram for more lovely in your day to day. 

This book: Amazing Grace: William Wilberforce and the Heroic Campaign to End Slavery I'm just finishing it up. It is hard to fathom the way this man changed the world by championing the abolishment of the slave trade in England. America looks different because of him. The WORLD is a different place because of the passion of his life. It's a fascinating read. 

The Class of 2015. Specifically Brantley, Christina, Corinne, Hanna B., Hanna W., Katie and Mary-Mac. I am texting these girls obsessively this week because they have moved off to college and left a very fashionable, very funny and very energetic hole in my heart. Athens, Auburn, Alabama, Georgia Tech and North Carolina are going to be changed places because of y'all.  
This movie: Interstellar. No I haven't actually seen it. Probably why I'm obsessed. All the people I normally watch movies with have seen it and apparently it's forever long. I'm not great at math, but given my habit of falling asleep on the couch at 11pm, I think I'd have to start watching around breakfast time. Which means with my kids, which means pausing for question answering every 1.24 seconds. Thinking I'll probably just wait and watch when Jude leaves home. Pretty pumped to see this in 2032.
This idea: Autumn. Jeans and a t-shirt weather. Football season. So close and yet so very far away. 

This podcast: Start-Up. Another interesting podcast recommended by one of you!  Now that Serial is over this is keeping me going during my Kayla work-outs. Keep the recommendations coming!

This program: School of The World. B Daddy and I are planning to celebrate 10 years of passionate kissing at this place in Costa Rica over New Year's! Whoop whoop! ...we are still accepting applications for childcare...

What are your current obsessions!? 

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