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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Current Obsessions

Georgia peaches. They are here and they are perfection. Go to the farmer's market and getcha some.

This movie - SO good! 

This book. It's the author's first and I can't put it down. Also, all things WWII apparently.

This podcast. It's the story of a reporter investigating a murder from 1999. Each episode gives you a little more detail from the case and you get to hear actual courtroom testimony, police interrogations and phone calls between the reporter and the man convicted of the crime. Fascinating!! Thanks for the recommendation Bonnie. 

These sunglasses. For my birthday my folks gave me my first pair of big-girl sunglasses. I'm trying my very best to put them back in the case every time I take them off. Unfortunately I am very good at dropping and scratching lenses. Yikes. 

These white belts. Did you see my post on Instagram? Brit and E started karate last week and I LOVE it. The coaches teach focus, discipline and respect in addition to all the kicks and jabs. Um yes please.
This ice cream. Try it, you'll thank me. 

This work out plan. Currently on Week 9 of 12, it is keeping me on my toes and helping shake the last of the baby weight. It is not a coincidence that ice cream and a work-out plan are both on this list. 

This recipe. YUM. Probably making it onto my master meal rotation because - easy & delicious.

What are you obsessed with currently? Any podcasts, make-up items, songs, recipes, TV shows I need to know about??

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