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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Things I Really Enjoy about My Kids Right Now

This week I have been completely out of sorts. The kids are taxing my patience, the weather is terrible and I'm fairly certain my "lady" emotions are raging. Suffice it to say, I've not been a prime example of motherhood lately.

I'm determined to turn things around and maybe some positive kid-talk will do the trick.

Still into costumes and superheroes, this one leads the way with make-believe around here. He imagines plots of bravery and subterfuge, and when it's good and all the kids are involved, it is AMAZING to watch.

Girl loves to read. Last night she paid her usual 2am visit to my side of the bed (note: this would be on a "things I severely dislike about my kids" list) and when I told her to go back to bed she said, "If I just had my library books in my bed I wouldn't be scared." Swoon.

The boy ate two bananas before breakfast. Two bananas! Does he even have the stomach capacity for such tomfoolery? Also - he runs like Juggernaut. Watch this (warning: a tiny bit of language) if you're unfamiliar with the reference.

The New Kid has had me worried for the better part of a week. He was labelled, "failure to thrive" at his 6 month check-up last week because he hasn't gained weight for 2 months now. The doctor might as well have pinned a ribbon on me that said, "failure to mother." We've been shoveling avocados and bananas to him as fast as he'll take them and the kid put on almost a pound this week! Which made the doc happy and made me feel like less of a failure. I do understand and would counsel any of my friends that it's always a bad idea to base your self-worth on another human being's performance... clearly I'm still working on that.
Back to the list: this guy is starting to babble and of course, "dada da da dada da" were the first sweet little words he's uttered.

How has your week been? Anyone else OVER the weather in their neck of the woods? Any of y'all ever been given the "failure to thrive" label? And most importantly how many bananas is too many bananas for a 2 year old?


  1. Felicity when she turned 1 was told that she had "social attention and adjustment" issues. Just because she wouldn't mimic brushing her hair or follow the ladies point. Felicity was too busy staring at the butterfly mobile. I had to just laugh and say no we don't want to be in a study. All babies grow and learn differently. Imagine how boring the world would be if we didn't. Cxx

    1. Love you Christi! Thanks for the encouragement from afar! I dearly miss y'all.

  2. Sorry if this posts twice:

    Your kids are the sweetest! And Britain is a girl after my own heart ❤️. You're such a good mama! I'm sorry you've had a rough week and I hope it gets better!

  3. That 'failure to thrive' kiddo looks pretty happy and thriving to me! :) Nice work on the pound in a week.. boom! That's impressive. And Elijah... with that hair.. and that spiderman pose....too much adorableness! Love you and your kids. xoxo

  4. Oh. And weather. Don't even get me started. The average temperature in February was 7 degrees. Misery.

    1. Let's talk about y'all splitting your year between Chi-town and the ATL. I think this could really work.


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