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Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Brain Dump & Weekend Reading

It is so. freaking. cold. I realize you know this because the entire US is under a blanket of ice this morning. My car thermostat said 16 degrees on the way to the YMCA this morning, which I'm pretty sure is a first.

The kids and I have cabin fever as I absolutely refuse to take them outdoors in this weather. Additionally the Squirt is off school so we have all been together 24/7 all week long. And lastly, I gave up social media for Lent. (This post was auto-scheduled.) A stay-at-home-mom giving up social media on a week like this is pretty much like a marooned sailor turning his nose up at a cruise ship sailing by. No thanks, I'll be just fine by myself in the middle of this vast ocean. Man - I am ready for B Daddy to come relieve my isolation.

I have lots of things upcoming blog-wise, a post on our finances (always a big hit) some recipes from our Master Meal list and thoughts on this first year of homeschooling....but all that will have to wait because the cold has seeped into my head and is slowly killing brain cells. I can hardly put two thoughts together.

I'll leave you with a few favorites from around the web this week for your weekend reading:

My new favorite blogger on Why Life Balance Won't Work

This laundry room renovation? Brilliant. Now I'm looking for things to paint.

"And I had to ask myself: Am I living the life I want to live? Or am I just buying things that represent that life?" Great food for thought, and from a style blogger too.

I posted this on Twitter already, but so good. The 26 Worst Things That Can Happen to a Booklover. Especially #17!

Are you pursuing your gifts during the "fringe hours" of your day? Love this perspective.

Wish I could just carry around a copy of this to hand out to strangers. Ha!

If you tend to overthink things like I do this is a lovely read: Sometimes it really is as simple as cake.

And last but not least, if you need a belly laugh.

Stay warm and have a lovely weekend friends!

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