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Monday, January 20, 2014

Expanding Again

It's high time I get this news out in internet-world so that I can get to posting about everything running through my heart and my mind as of late.

We're pregnant. Yep! We are officially expecting child number four.

We found out the big news in exactly the same manner we discovered the big news with #2 and #3, a belly bulge that wasn't there before - this time at Week 4. Geez. My body is super eager to get going on pregnancy apparently. I imagine my uterus and abdomen colluding with a cry of, "Let's Do This Thing!" before popping free of the flat belly confines I try desperately to keep them contained in.

Baby number 4 is expected to arrive sometime the last week of July. (My "official due date" is August 1st - but August 1st sounds a lot later than the end of July, so I'm fudging.) I went to the doctor last week for my 12-week appointment and can happily report we heard a heart pounding away at 146 beats per minute.

After 5 minutes of true panic and a few hours of holy cow this was not our plan,  B Daddy and I can honestly say we are TRULY ECSTATIC about Baby 4. Four kids! We get to have 4 kids. That is amazing.

Yes my mini-van sentence was just extended by a few years and the "you sure have your hands full!" and "have you figured out what causes it yet?" comments will surely escalate at the grocery store, but we get to raise 4 kids. Completely worth it.

This is the first pregnancy since the Squirt (our first child) that I can honestly say I'm enjoying. Right now it's pretty easy because the nausea is gone and the ginormous belly has yet to arrive...but I'm trying to focus on the miracle of it all and enjoy it as it will (most likely...very likely...hopefully for sure) be my last pregnancy.

For now my energy levels are good and I'm still able to workout as usual, which keeps me happy and sane. We aren't planning to move - we'll find out what sex the baby is and then we'll either have two kids in each bedroom or the three boys will bunk up for a while. All the logistical details that completely overwhelmed me with Blue Eyes (#3), - where will he sleep? how can we afford this? how do you fit three kids into a two-seater race car cart at the grocery store?? - no longer freak me out. I guess I've become a bit more relaxed about motherhood and all its glorious chaos.

A study released last year showed that moms of three were statistically more stressed out than moms of fewer kids...but also more stressed than moms of more children. I think I understand that. The idea of four seems like a great adventure right now and not the terrifying ordeal that three seemed.

I'll keep you posted as the great adventure unfolds - thanks for reading and for all your encouragement. Life is so much richer when we let go of our plan and let God just do His thing.

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