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Friday, March 22, 2013

Keeping it Clean

My friend Ryan wrote a great post last week listing all the questions she has about other families' lives. (Well probably not ALL the questions...but a heck of a lot.) I often wonder along with her how other families manage all the day-to-day stuff. Is our family normal? Are we the lazy ones? Are we totally on top of things around here?

She's taking her questions and answering them a post at a time and I liked the I'm linking up with her and answering them as well. Pop on over to her blog to get another perspective and leave your own answers in the comments if you care to join us!

Today's topic: Bathroom Habits

Here are Ryan's questions: When do you shower and do your hair?  At night?  Every morning?  And if you shower at night how do you not have the dreaded bed head look every day?  And the little you give them a bath every night? Every other night?  Or do you shower with them say on the weekends?  On the days you don't bathe them, do you wipe them down with a wash cloth and soap?  How do you get the dirt out from under their nails on non-bath nights? 

Oh and a question of my own: who does the bathing? You or your spouse?

Remember this is a safe place - no judgment. Thanks.

I shower and do my hair on days I work-out. Typically Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. When we get home from the gym, Blue Eyes goes down for his nap and the other two munchkins play or watch a show while I do my business. Every now and then I'll shower at the gym, but this is always awkward for me, so I try to avoid it. When I was pregnant and not working out I could easily go for three days without washing my hair, but now that I wash it more often, it needs it more often and after the second day I'm in desperate need or I look homeless. Did you know that when you wash your hair you strip out its natural oils and prompt your scalp to produce more? So the more you wash your hair, the more you need to wash your hair. Make sense? I just discovered that about a year ago. You should try washing it less if you can. At first it's yucky and you have to get creative with hairstyles to not look homeless, but after a week or two of less-frequent washing, your scalp will adjust and produce less oil. Try it - I dare you.

As for the little ones - our goal is to bathe them every other day. On Sunday nights and Wednesday nights we have a sitter and they don't get baths then (although for $15/hr they probably should...) so we always try to get a bath in on Monday or Tuesday so they don't go four days without one. In the summertime they are outside all day, so they get baths pretty much every night and I get a glass of wine pretty much every night. Three kids in one tub = total chaos. 

They get a washcloth wipe down only if they desperately need it on a no-bath night and if their fingernails are dirty - it means they are too long and I cut them.  Short nails don't show dirt! 

Oh and who does bath duty? It used to be all B Daddy all the time. But he works pretty long hours and as we've added kids I've been doing it more. If B Daddy gets home early enough, it's all him. 

So now it's your turn to dish the dirt - how often do your kids REALLY get bathed? 


  1. Seriously $15/hr?!?!? Wow. You need to move up to the great white north. :)
    I bathe...the kids...and me. Ha ha. Though I have to say that at 6 and 7 a 'luxury' is that the older ones now shower themselves. Money right there!

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  3. I shower every morning and do my hair before the rest of the family is out of bed.
    I bathe my son pretty much every night. In the winter if we don't go outside we'll skip a day sometimes and just put on clean undies, but then again, play time in the tub is a good cold evening activity ;)
    He doesn't get much dirt under his nails, but if he does it just means they are too long and I cut them!


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