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Thursday, March 21, 2013

5 lbs 5 wks: Week 2 Report

Sorry for the lack of posting this week - I have been sick since last weekend and now all three kids have picked up on whatever gross virus I've got.

In the course of my illness I've discovered two things about myself: 1. I like to medicate with food and 2. I'm not one of those people who get sick and lose weight. I think the two go hand in hand somehow.

In spite of these setbacks I've managed to work out a few times and was pretty pleased when I hopped on the scale this morning.

Starting Weight: 148.6
Current Weight: 146.6
Goal Weight: 143 (and change...)

I don't know why I fudged when I originally reported my weight at 148. My brutal honesty today probably has something to do with wanting to report a weight loss of 2lbs rather than only 1.4. It's a bit slower than my goal, but I think if I buckle down I can get to 143 (and change) by the second week of April.

Things that are working for me: protein loaded, low-calorie breakfasts. My go-to breakfast is an egg + egg white omelet with veggies or a bit of cheese on top. This comes in under 200 calories and keeps me happy until lunch. Everything else I eat for breakfast is usually closer to 400 calories and doesn't keep me as full.

Things that are not fun: this is actually work. In all my previous attempts to lose weight, I kind of just paid attention to calories a bit, amped up my work outs a bit and watched the weight fall away.  I went out for dinner three nights last week (a total anomaly) and was not pleased to see that the scale had not budged. It turns out that chips and salsa are not conducive to weight loss. I think it's something about being 30. I don't like it.

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