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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What Does a Tiger Say?

I'm sharing this video today because my camera is betraying me and refusing, flat out refusing, to upload the cute pictures I've taken of my newly slipcovered couch, the adorable Halloween decor we have all over the house and the do-it-yourself bookcases we've installed.

I lie.

I'm sharing this video today because I've envisioned and made good progress on all of the above projects, but not completed a single one.

So instead may I present an indulgent vid of my kids.

Sweet B my dear, it is videos like these that will wipe away the memories of how you tried my soul at this tender age. And Squirt, I find it disturbing that you don't blink once the entire time.

Forgive the shaky hands, pretty sure I was wrangling Blue Eyes while filming.

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