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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Getting Back In Touch With Katie

One of my angel mamas came over today to watch the kids and I took the opportunity to go for a run. Out in the woods. All. By. Myself. Ahhhhhhh. Just typing that sentence relaxes me all over again.

Since joining the Society of Stay at Home Moms I can count on one hand the number of times I've gone trail running alone.

I drove to one of the Chattahoochee parks near our house, dropped my keys in the minivan wheel well (shh, don't tell) and took off. About half a mile out the running endorphins kicked in and I cracked a huge smile as I belted out No Woman No Cry in the middle of the woods. Yes I sing when I run, I'm sure it's ridiculous sounding, but it brings me joy.

55 minutes later I wrapped up what may be the slowest 4 miles I've ever run. But my snail's pace gave me plenty of time for reflection. It occurred to me that running here, on this trail, near my parents' home, where I used to run on summer break home from UGA and during the brief time I had post-college and pre-marriage, is a Katie thing.

I feel like B Daddy and I are pretty good about snatching us-time whenever we can. And while I get the blessing of alone time several times a month, I usually use it to go to the grocery store or to run errands in peace and quiet. It's rare for me to take the opportunity to do something non-essential. Something I did pre-marriage and pre-babies. BJ and I don't run together and I have never really been able to go for runs with the kids, even when there was just one little one. It was like taking a trip 10 years back in time. Crunching leaves under foot, singing songs that toddlers have no interest in.

I think I'll make trail runs a bigger priority in the future, even if it's just once a month. I'm realizing that I need to find a few more just-me things and make time for them. It was nice to touch base with the old Katie. I really like her. I think my kids would too.

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