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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Feeling Grateful

I woke up this morning to the sight of my husband hand-washing all these dishes after his 5am trek to the gym.

Oh and he made my coffee- just the way I like it - too. 

I'm sure he's horrified that I've now publicly outed his good deeds (I on the other hand would have tweeted had I achieved a similar level of productivity and selflessness before 7am...#wifeoftheyear), sorry love. I think B Daddy served me in this way this morning because he knows I am a bit overwhelmed by house maintenance and childcare these days.

So now for the exciting news... we're getting a house cleaner again! The former love of my life cleaning lady up and moved away right before I had Little Brother and our home has been in a steady state of decline for the past 20 weeks. You don't want to know the last time I dusted. I'm allergic to dust and I still can't manage to dust.

Feeding the family, washing dishes and clothing and keeping Dakota's shed hair from blowing down the hall like a Tucson tumbleweed have been the only things I've managed to achieve household-wise lately. Minor things like bathing children, changing sheets and scrubbing that nasty black ring inside the toilet have been sorely neglected.

Starting Monday we'll have sparkly toilets and dust-free baseboards again. I'm wondering how much extra she'd charge to clean my children as well?


  1. Way to go brother-in-law!!!! Oh, and I read on Pinterest that you can cut off part of a Magic Eraser and put it in the toilet overnight and voila! No more yucky ring. (Let me know how it works--the Hogan household can't seem to make it through the night without using the toilet, so I have not been able to put it to the test)

  2. I'm getting inches away from jumping on the cleaning lady bandwagon. Any tips? Frequency? Keep up the good work (and the posts)!

    1. They come 2x a month for us, which is enough to keep me from heavy-duty cleaning the bathrooms EVER. I still have to vacuum/swiffer a few times in between cleanings, but I never dust anymore. I always try to make sure the house is "picked up" before they come so that they are actually cleaning surfaces and not objects on top of surfaces...but I like the forced picked up. Hope you get on the bandwagon soon!! :)

  3. So so so envious. In my dream life I would have a house cleaner. I don't mind picking junk up, but the CLEANING part? Ugh. And I don't even have a baby to blame it on.....


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