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Friday, August 24, 2012

Birds on a Wire

One of the most helpful and sanity-saving things I've done since becoming a mother has been joining a moms'  group here in Atlanta called Birds on a Wire.

I vaguely remember an evening 2 years ago when two of my girlfriends were talking about this Bible-studyesque class they went to on Monday mornings. Childcare was provided. My ears instantly perked up. At the time the Squirt was 18 months old; I was 8 months pregnant and feeling desperate and overwhelmed by life as a stay at home mom. Remember this post? And this one?? 

As soon as Sweet B was old enough to go to the nursery I joined this small group of women each Monday morning to sit at the feet of the amazing Karen Stubbs and learn. It was wonderful. Not quite a Bible study, not quite a lecture was mostly like listening to a long-time friend share all the nuggets of wisdom she'd gleaned from almost 20 years of parenting. I loved that I didn't have to do homework. I wasn't expected to speak. But if I had a question, Karen was all ears and jumped in with Biblical, practical and encouraging words. Now I affectionately refer to Birds on a Wire as "mommy therapy."

In the first few months I attended Karen walked us through The Five Love Languages of Children and Northpoint's HOPE Ministry curriculum. This past spring we learned about Personality Plus, which I've droned on and on about to any mama who's been unsuspecting enough to ask my opinions on child-rearing. 

Karen now teaches five classes across Atlanta and over 250 women will be coming together this fall to be encouraged in their calling as a mom. I'm thrilled because our fall class begins Monday and Karen has spent the past few months developing an entirely new curriculum. If you're looking for some encouragement from a veteran mom who has been-there/done-that in the world of parenting, you should check out Birds on a Wire. The talks are posted online a few days/weeks after they are given so you can have all the benefit of being in the class even if you're not in the Atlanta area. She also has a great devotional-style blog if you are looking for some daily encouragement in your mama life. 

I am so excited for Monday morning! 

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  1. Hey! I told my sister, Amy, about this and I think she is going to attend the Friday class. :) But 1--look for her, just in case. 2- thanks for sharing!


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