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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What Do You Feed the Babysitter?

Every Sunday night and Wednesday night B Daddy and I leave our kids in someone else's capable hands for dinner/bath time/bedtime.

Our (wonderful) Sunday sitter comes at 4:30 and leaves at 8 - so she definitely needs some kind of nourishment from us. Almost every Sunday for the past year she's gotten frozen pizza. I now cringe inwardly each week when I (again) instruct her on where/what dinner is. You would think I could change it up now and again, but it really exhausts me to consider preparing a dinner hours before it will be consumed for two picky toddlers and the (fantastic! we love you!) sitter. 

Anyone else out there have a go-to kid + sitter dinner that I can steal? Any thoughts on what would be easy/universally loved? 

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