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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Week #1 with #2

I'm showered and dressed. It's 11:45am and I'm considering this success for the day.

Week #1 with #2 has been SO much easier than Week #1 with the Squirt. My husband, mother-in-law, mom and sister are definitely getting the credit for that. To my own credit I have swallowed my pride and accepted any and all offers of help this time around. It has made a HUGE difference.

I still haven't had a "real" day yet with both kiddos, someone has been here to help entertain the Squirt and/or keep the house in order for me each tomorrow might be quite a shock to my system!

Here are a few pics of our first week at home for you:

And one of the Squirt that I'm sure my sister will love:

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