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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Advent: What's the Deal?

So even though I'm writing this Sunday night, by the time you read this I should have a three day old and be in the middle of mommy zombieland.

I know this month will be full of distraction for the Leipprandt clan (even more so than usual) and I've been praying for my heart to remain focused on what Christmas is truly about- the coming of a King, the birth of a Savior, God loving us enough to send a Redeemer. And I've got this idea rolling around that maybe we could observe some Advent traditions this year since we'll be holed up and away from church most likely.

I love the thought, but I have no idea where to start. I was brought up in non-traditional churches and the lighting of Advent candles was a rarity. Do any of you observe Advent traditions in your homes? Where's a good place to start?

Thanks for the help and we would love your prayers this week!


  1. Katie!
    I have a great FREE resource that Ben and I have started this year and we are so excited to do this with our child(ren) each year! It is the Jesse Tree Advent Devotional. Each day there is a cut out that you can make into an ornament and hang it on your tree. It is great way to stay focused on Jesus and anticipate his coming! Hope you are all hanging in there and are enjoying your new bundle of love! You are in my prayers.
    Love, Angela

  2. Congrats...Katie and all...I was just going to ditto Angela's suggestion. Lindsay is also doing the Jesse Tree. Ann VosKamp has some great ideas for preparing for the birth of The King. Check out how they handle gifts...quite out of the box. Their advent candle is made and sold by her looks really special. Again, prayers are being offered here in Michigan for you and yours. She is a pretty baby!
    Blessings, lynn

  3. We have a couple of advent activities we do. The 1st one is our advent calendar house that holds chocolate. Second is new this year. I've wrapped 24 Christmas books in tissue paper and everyday we open a new one. They are mostly used books. The kids really look forward to this in the evenings. Then every year you just re-wrap the same books. Last week I found a charming advent wrath at one of our local thrift stores and I plan to incorporate it next year. This is of course along with the stories of hope, love, peace etc. I grew up very traditional and I love the idea of lighting a new candle each Sunday before Christmas Eve and then relighting that candle every evening when our family has dinner. Another idea a friend of mine does is a nativity calender. It's made out of fabric and each day your child puts another animal or person up until Christmas then they put Jesus in the manger. Oh that reminds me another fun and great reminder of the true meaning of the season is having the children find a baby Jesus hidden somewhere before they can open their gifts. I hope some of this was helpful


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