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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Before Baby #2 To Do

D Day is officially less than 4 weeks away now. I'm slightly terrified that Thanksgiving is only 15 days away. Which means that Christmas is like, tomorrow, right?

Here's my "must-do before she gets here" list in order of priority/urgency.

1. Buy crib and mattress
2. Sell old stroller on Craigslist
3. Purchase double stroller
4. Get the Squirt's old car seat down from the attic
5. Make curtains for #2's bedroom
6. Paint side table for #2's bedroom
7. Finish/install Squirt's new light fixture
8. Make decent headway on Christmas shopping
9. Decorate home for holidays
10. Pre-bake cookies for family cookie exchange taking place sometime shortly after #2's birthday

And these are my "it-would-be-nice-to-dos"

1. Finish Squirt's box shelves
2. Hang mirror in Squirt's room
3. Buy beanbag for Squirt's reading nook (since he's SUCH an avid reader these days...)
4. Host family for Thanksgiving Day dinner
5. Fry turkey and be on top of my game for said dinner
6. Complete Squirt's baby book
7. Finish Christmas shopping

It doesn't seem so overwhelming looking at it like this actually. The trouble is that I really like to nap these days, and I just started a really interesting book...


  1. Ill volunteer a couple of hours of squirt sitting service to help you accomplish some of these tasks! Or Ill come over and clean your baseboards before #2 gets here. Or both.

  2. I will chip in by arranging a Maria visit. Also, may I advise holding off on the book until you go to the hospital? An interesting book would make time go by very quickly and saving your good read until then would give you more time to do the stuff on your list. Oh, and #1, 2, 3, and 8 can all be done online. :)

  3. Let me know where Pop's can help!!


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