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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bok Bok Bok

The Leipprandt family is getting into the chicken business y'all! Well maybe not the chicken business per se...more like the chicken hobby.

B Daddy and I decided a few months ago that it would be good fun to get a few hens (no roosters!) for the eggs and the experience. This past weekend, he and his dad built a HUGE coop. Based on the fact that I want two hens...those girls are going to have lots of room to roam.

I spent a good while researching chickens online and convinced myself that if properly cared for, a few hens would not be smelly or noisy or a nuisance. I also figured that as far as our suburban neighbors were concerned, asking forgiveness was probably a better plan than asking permission. After all, who wouldn't LOVE a basket of fresh, brown and beautiful eggs dropped off at their doorstep with a sweet note, "From our girls!"?

Apparently, our next-door neighbor, that's who. It didn't take long for my fantasy of skipping through our little 'hood making daily egg deliveries to go up in smoke.

As we were unloading our supplies out of the back of the truck (literally 30 seconds into the process), our kind but ever curious next-door neighbor popped out of his house with an innocent, "Whatcha building?"

"Mumble mumble mumble," B Daddy answered, continuing on to the backyard. (Bless his heart for thinking that would satisfy Mr. Curious.)

My mother-in-law shouldered the burden of clarifying this would in fact be a chicken coop and that I had been researching breeds for a while and we were planning to get just a few and, "don't you just LOVE eggs?"

Mr. Curious clarified that no, he did not LOVE eggs.

Meanwhile, my chicken (no pun intended) of a self was cowering inside our house, terrified that Mr. Curious was no longer going to like me.

Will he call the city each and every time a chicken boks?
Will he stop saying hi when we are out in the front yard?
Are our chickens going to be noisy?
What if they stink?
Do they make chickens that don't make noise?
Would he eat eggs if I brought some to him anyways?
What if I don't like my chickens after all??

Suffice it to say - I have never done anything like this in my life. I grew up in the 'burbs and now live in the 'burbs. I'll admit, I'm mostly into this because I find the notion of grabbing eggs from my backyard terribly romantic. Anne of Avonlea meets Little House on the Prairie - or something like that.

I will probably forget to feed and water the girls some days. I'll probably be too scared of being pecked to ever grab an egg from the hen house.

Oh yeah, and B Daddy doesn't love eggs either. Like, not at all.

Pray for us.

To meet the girls - read THIS post.


  1. I love it!! Oh and yes I will pray for you:)

  2. You crack me up... I would have never imagined that you would be the mother of CHICKENS!!! Good luck and put me down for a dozen. :)


  3. My fave part is how you (already) refer to them as "the girls". I kept thinking you were having twins or something. You'll be a great chicken keeper :) Wish I could enjoy some! Our neighbors have done this for years and they are above and beyond any you can buy in the store :)
    And yes, I'll pray for you too.

  4. B Daddy will learn to like eggs when they are oh, so fresh, right?! I think if one neighbor is in full support and one neighbor is not a fan of the huevos (sp?) then it all evens out and you are good.

  5. lol. that was such a funny day. looks like the eggs are all yours unless you make us some baked goods (; us leipprandt kids are strange...but very much alike. love you!


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