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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Making an Entrance

Some people use their front doors; we Leipprandts prefer the garage. 99.9% of the time if we are entering our house, we are coming through the garage.

In fact we use the garage so often that neither of us has a house key on our keychain...

Last Easter, around the time I was becoming hugely pregnant, B Daddy began a new routine of locking our garage door (that opens into the kitchen) before we went to bed at night. I can only theorize this new protective measure had something to do with primitive fatherly instincts kicking in.

Typically we'd unlock the door as we left for work in the morning and it would remain unlocked for the rest of the problem.

Well on Good Friday of last year our kind friends Chad and Carlyn invited us to a concert and graciously offered to pick us up. Around the time they were set to come by it began to rain; so I determined that leaving through the front door would result in the least amount of time spent in the rain and would also help us look like the pair of grown-ups that we were. (Something about using the keypad to shut the garage door feels very middle school to me.)

I didn't bother voicing this rationale out loud - figuring that if I did B Daddy would look at me as he so often does and wonder why I felt the need to agree on an exit strategy fifteen minutes in advance of our departure.

So the car shows up, my pregnant belly and I waddle toward the front door, B Daddy right behind.

Step outside...
Scurry towards the car....
Front door slams....
...OH S%#T!

I turned to look at B and knew without a word that on this particular night he had in fact already locked the garage entry door for the evening. - Sigh -

Not wanting to make our friends wait, or get any wetter...we both laughed it off and hopped in the car, figuring we had a few hours to agree on a entry strategy upon our return.

Several hours later, the concert ends, we arrive back home and are now confronted with the reality of our situation. First we open the garage to ensure that B had truly locked the back door and not imagined it. Confirmation - we're locked out.

Not to be discouraged, we (and by we I do mean our husbands) run around the house looking for an open window. Ha such luck.

Finally B Daddy decides to give 'er the old heave ho.

You see the bottom lock doesn't usually catch properly; which is why we have been wanting to replace this door for quite some time. B Daddy figures that the door is most likely only barely locked and a stiff shoulder or two should be all it takes to get us inside.

So he backs up, turns his shoulder to the door and WHAM!


"Man - are you sure you want to do this?" Chad asks B.
"Oh yeah...we've been meaning to replace this door anyway," B Daddy confidently replies.

Undeterred....he takes a new angle, a few short steps and....THWUNK!


At this point, Carlyn and I start to giggle. I don't know why it was so funny...but at the moment, it was absolutely hilarious to watch. Chad was laughing too.

Another attempt....CRAAAAAAAAAACCCK!

Hmmmm. The wood paneling of the door gives way in a crack about 2 feet long. The lock? Still holding out for a key.

Carlyn and I are now doubled over holding back tears of laughter...which means I am also furiously using what little muscle control I have left to keep myself from further deteriorating our situation by peeing.

B Daddy recognizes the futility of the situation and is now laughing along with the rest of us - which makes his continued body slams against our apparently stalwart door grow less and less effective.

"Um....are y'all AAA members?" Chad asks.
"Yeah we are...guess maybe we should give them a call," B Daddy replies, turning from the door and heading into the garage.

A few minutes later he comes out, AAA card in hand along with something else. Something shiny...something jingling.

"Huh. Looks like I had an extra key in my truck."

Insert key, jiggle, turn, click. The door swings open easily to our relief and substantial embarrassment.

"Well I guess now we're really in the market for a new front door."

To Be Continued....


  1. DON'T LEAVE ME HANGIN' BROCK (oops...uh Leicantspellit)...CONTINUE WITH THE STORY. You had me all smilin' and such :)
    PS Congrats on re-becoming an aunt

  2. Thanks Ashleigh!! Little Molly is precious. An update on the door situation is coming today!

    And I think I'll have to steal Leicantspellit for use somewhere down the line!!! : )


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