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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

3 Times You're Holding Your Toddler The Wrong Way (*Video*)

There are times in your little love's life when it's incredibly important they be still and it just so happens that those are usually the times when they are least likely to want to stay still.

Ever tried to hold down a squirmy toddler and change their dirty diaper? Or suction out snot from their tiny tiny nostrils? Or my least favorite... at the doctor's office when it's time for shots?

My pediatric nurse of a sister and one of my friends heard my frustration in these situations as a newer mama and graciously taught me their ways.

I've realized over the years that a lot of my friends have never used these holds (which is why I always recommend having a nurse for a sister.) so for all of you who haven't seen these techniques, please enjoy the first ever video tutorial in the history of this blog - and forgive my voice, poor camera skills and everything else that is amateur-hour about this video.

Knowing how to hold my toddler at these times has made me a saner mama and has resulted in less-traumatized kids. It's my hope that these help you out the next time you find yourself with a squirmy toddler in a high-stakes situation! Let me know your thoughts in the comments and as always, thanks for reading/watching. :)


  1. I discovered the leg over the belly trick with my son while changing him on the floor too.
    I will definitely be trying the other moves on my daughter. Last year I made her nose bleed trying to get the snot out when she was sick. She turned the wrong way and the bulb went too far. I felt horrible! :-(

    1. Snot sucking is so dang hard! Seriously, give this hold a try and see how it goes, hopefully no blood this time! Thanks for reading.


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