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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

34 Things I've Learned in 34 Years

Last week I turned 34.

Being 14 was terrifying and being 24 was super cool (I was pretty sure I was at my peak.) But I'm discovering that being firmly ensconced in my thirties is actually pretty awesome. Every year I feel like I'm a little bit closer to understanding the person God created Katie to be. I sure hope that's always the case.

Without further adieu, I give you 34 things it has taken me 34 years to learn.

1. I'm not the boss of me.
2. Always stretch after leg day.
3. It's okay to pursue things I'm not already awesome at. I might even get good at them.
4. The key to great homemade pizza is a cast iron pan and a really hot oven.
5. I'm not the best at following through on DIY projects. (See #3)
6. Fresh flowers can make the whole house beautiful.
7. Good sex and a good night's sleep can cure many many problems.
8. It's okay to fail.
9. They're probably not laughing at me. And if they are? Oh well.
10. My in-laws are some of the most generous people on the planet, be grateful.
11. Black is a good color on me.
12. I did good on BJ. He may be my best decision yet.
13. Most people don't care about semantics the way I do.
14. Life is too short to drink bad coffee.
15. Always have two books on hand: something funny and something smart.
16. I owe far more of my life to God's grace and my parent's prayers than to my own efforts.
17. I am a window seat person.
18. I need someone older and wiser around pouring into me and also someone younger to pour into.
19. Some plants need a lot of water. Some plants need very little. I'll never learn which is which.
20. Order the dang cheeseburger.
21. It's okay to be wrong once in a while.
22. A kind word is a gift. A kind note is a gift that can be opened again and again.
23. Motherhood is a most daunting and transformative experience.
24. Nobody notices my flaws like I do.
25. I love to dance.
26. A happy heart is the most beautiful make-up.
27. Say sorry. It hurts but it's worth it.
28. Talking about Jesus gives me life, I ought to do it often.
29. I can write. I should use this gift because I feel called to write, not because I want to be read.
30. Going for a walk will beat back the blues 9 times out of 10.
31. Some people are naturally quiet. I don't need to try and make them loud like me.
32. Spring for the good sheets and the good towels.
33. My family is a ridiculous gift.
34. When I open up my hands a little life gets a lot more interesting.

What lessons has life taught you lately?

1 comment:

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know you have flaws, but I don't see them! You are a gift to so many of us. We all think you are pretty awesome.
    Your love for semantics is one of your unique blessings. You capture perfect words to convey your stories and that makes your writing more interesting.


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