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Friday, May 8, 2015

A Book Party

This past weekend I had the chance to combine two of my greatest loves: books and dessert. Oh and friends. There were friends involved too.

My childhood BFF currently lives and works with her husband and two (precious) daughters in the Ugandan village of Bundibugyo. (By the way she blogs BEAUTIFULLY. Go check out her writing, you'll be blown away.)

Last year one of their teammates' long-standing dream of opening a children's library in their community became a reality. Their library is the only one around for hours. Hours by car. Bumpy hours by car over not-the-greatest roads in the mountains. Can you imagine? There are literally 5 libraries in a 5 mile radius from my home. (And yet I still cannot return books on time...)

The library opened this past summer and it not only houses books, but provides a safe, clean place for local kids (and missionary kids) to come and learn English, learn how to read and soak up Bible lessons. Please take a minute to watch this beautiful video Alanna put together just for us!!

Books + kids = my jam, so when I heard they had a need for some specific kinds of books I wanted to run out and buy all the books. Then I stopped and thought, "wait a minute, other people are gonna want to get in on this goodness too." So I sent out an invite and started baking and crafting.

Last Friday night 30 women came over, their arms loaded up with Caldecott and Newberry award winners, informational books on oceans and animals and the weather and African folk tales galore. Oh and money. These girls brought cash and wrote some seriously significant checks. 


We ate too much dessert, drank just the right amount of champagne and generally had a good time. I'm incredibly grateful they all said yes to leaving their regular Friday night programming and donating to the cause. We gathered over 100 books and $300 to go towards the cost of getting the books to Uganda. Yep, these ladies are AWESOME.

Some of you couldn't make it the party and have already asked me and I know some of you readers are going to ask, so yes you can be involved by giving a book (or two!) if you are interested! I am collecting books for the next week and then will be shipping them all out to Uganda around the 20th of the month. Email me for my mailing address if you don't have it and you can purchase a book on Amazon and drop-ship it directly to me. How easy is that?!

Particularly requested books are:
Informational books (aka non-fiction)
Caldecott winners
Newberry award winners
Geisel medal winners
Seibert medal winners

To everyone who came to this shindig - I cannot thank you enough. Y'all are my people and I just freak out with excitement at the thought of these faces reading these books!!


  1. Yay!! So much fun too - thanks for having me! I got the other two books today finally so I'll bring them to IO next Sunday. Happy Mother's Day!

    1. Yay Lucy! Thank you SO MUCH. Thanks too for the gorgeous chalk art - it is still up and probably will be through the summer. #readingismyfavorite

  2. This looked like SO much fun!! I wish I could have been there. Hugs and many thanks from Lupenzi & Esther & Chance & Jaqueline & Kelvin & Kamanda and all our other Books 4 Bundi "regulars"... Can't wait for our books to arrive! 😍✈️📖📚👫

    1. It was so much fun to get together for a good purpose. Thanks for sharing the need and giving us all the opportunity to participate in meeting it!!


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