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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Say Hello to the New Guy

The New Guy was born last Tuesday. We're all pretty excited about him over here. I let the photography company that the hospital contracts with come and stage a little photo shoot while we were still in the hospital - hence the fanciness of the all-white backdrop and the ubiquitous but freaking adorable Daddy-holding-babe-in-hand-with-wedding-ring-cameo pic above.

They wanted $115 for the digital images they took, but this little 8x10 keepsake announcement was only $19.95. These people prey on postpartum hormones. So yes, that is a picture of a picture you are looking at. #imsofancy

Here are a few shots I took of the little man yesterday afternoon. *Warning: Newborn overexposure comin' at ya.*

Selfie practice

'Sup Mom

OMG - No. Way. 

Not impressed. 

Blue Steel/The Smolder 

We are all doing just fine over here. At his one-week check up today the pediatrician told me today that I need to be waking this guy up more at night to feed him until he gets back to his birth weight. I smiled and nodded and have absolutely no intention of obeying the doc's orders. Waking a newborn at night is against my religion. The bigs all love the New Guy too - so much so that I have actually disciplined children for bowling each other over in an attempt to be the first to grab a pacifier or a burp cloth for little baby brother. Is this a common big family problem?

B Daddy is back to work this week and the Squirt is back to school (!) next week, life goes on huh? With any luck I'll be bloggedy-blogging much more frequently now that pregnancy is over and I feel human again.

We are seriously so grateful for the way y'all have supported us through your prayers, your texts, your words of encouragement and your gifts of time/food/fellowship. THANK YOU!!

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  1. He is so precious! And you are one of my favorite bloggers of all time. Each time I meet a new neighbor here, I'm sizing them up and each time, they just can't measure up to you! Miss you, best neighbor!


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